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ColeusHow To Grow & Care For Plectranthus.

From The Garden Forum: Is the King Kong Coleus an annual or perennial indoor plant?My King Kong Coleus was planted outside this spring and is so beautiful, that I hate to. Kong ® Red Coleus, Premium Shade. Grower Information:. Also works in indoor plant programs. Prefers full shade for best performance. KONG Mosaic, Red and Rose are bred by Sakata Seed Corporation. 'Kakegawa CE12' Protection Information: US PVP200500015. Other. King Kong coleus King Kong boast huge leaves and unique color patterns with a mounding habit. Giant leaves, each one unique. Shades of red and cream over bright green make a true mosaic! Plants grow no taller than 22 inches in the garden. The varieties demonstrate good basal branching to. 08/11/2010 · Coleus can be added to beds and borders for interest or grown in containers. They need fertile, well-draining soil and usually perform best in areas with partial shade, though many varieties can also tolerate sun. When growing coleus, keep in mind that these beauties can grow rapidly.

Coleus likes fairly moist soil, so if you use terra-cotta pots or pots made with another porous material, line them with plastic to keep the soil moist. You can also use old buckets or bright plastic pots that contrast with the coleus' colors. Coleus is a fast-growing plant, so. Coleus is a former genus of flowering plants in the family Lamiaceae. In recent classifications, the genus is no longer recognized, and the formerly included species are instead placed in the genera Plectranthus and Solenostemon. This Lamiaceae article is a stub. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it.

Coleus is a very special plant to us. Most decorative plants make you wait until they’re in bloom to show off. But not coleus. It’s leaves come in a variety of different interesting patterns and colours. All. 24/12/2019 · Coleus Solenostemon spp. are frost-tender annuals characterized by bright, often patterned foliage. They are usually used as bedding, border and container plants, and most varieties thrive in partial or dappled shade and well-draining, moist soil. Coleus plants generally are resistant to pests and diseases, but like. This Empire Mix contains Kong® Mosaic, Salmon Pink, Red, Rose, and Scarlet, for an unprecedented display of bold foliage in garden and container. Kong® is a shade-loving Coleus renowned for its larger leaves and bolder patterns on very compact plants.

Kong Mix Coleus features extremely large leaves with unique patterns. Kong Coleus is an excellent plant for landscape and large container planting. 29/03/2019 · How to Grow Coleus. Coleus, also commonly known as painted nettle, flame nettle, and painted leaf, is grown for its ornate foliage. The leaves of these plants grow in eye-catching colors including white, yellow, red, pink, purple, maroon. A Coleus Plant Plectranthus scutellarioides is a fast-growing, hanging houseplant that comes in more than 100 different leaf hues, textures, shapes, & designs. Today a Coleus Plant is exceptionally well known both as an indoor houseplant and as an outdoor plant. 07/10/2019 · Coleus in Containers. Coleus do well in pots and planters, as long as they are planted in free-draining potting soil, fertilized regularly and given the right amount of sun. Avoid windy locations because coleus can be prone to breakage. Feed regularly during the growing season, following the rate recommended on the package. Common Name: Premium Shade Coleus Hardiness Degree: 50°F 10.0°C. Also works in indoor plant programs. Prefers full shade for best performance. KONG Mosaic, Red and Rose are bred by Sakata Seed Corporation.

Coleus plants kept in containers can be fed a liquid fertilizer once a month throughout spring and summer. It isn’t necessary to feed the plants during fall and winter, as this is a period of minimal growth. If your Coleus plants are growing in the ground, then a slow release fertilizer may be a good option. Discover ideas about Coleus. Coleus kong plant. Coleus Yard Landscaping Dream Garden Courtyard Landscaping Landscaping. The coleus plants are not poisonous and nontoxic to humans. However, the essential oils in coleus are toxic to animals. Your cat or dog may develop diarrhea or vomiting if they eat coleus foliage. I grow a single Coleus plant in a 4"-6" container and 3-4 plants in a. Temperature: The coleus plant grows best from 65 to 90 degrees, but it can survive down to about 40 degrees. This plant will not survive freezing temperatures, so overwinter your coleus plants indoors. Pests and Diseases: Garden pests such as mealybugs, whiteflies, aphids, spider mites and slugs may attach your coleus plants. This exciting series features extremely large leaves and unique patterns on tall, well-branched plants. Green & burgundy leaves with bright red veins on 18-22 in/45-55 cm plants makes Kong an eye-catching choice for large containers and landscapes. Also works well as an indoor lifestyle plant.

Pianta con foglie pelose molto odorose, dal profumo agrumato molto intenso e pungente, sgradito agli insetti molesti. Magnifica fioritura in autunno inverno, in azzurro-blu. 11/12/2019 · Veined shade-loving coleus is a colorful foliage plant that grows well in warm weather. Wait until nighttime temperatures remain well above freezing to plant it outdoors. Grow it in landscape beds or add it to container gardens to brighten shady corners. When frost threatens, pot it up and enjoy it as a houseplant in a sunny window. 24/10/2019 · If you love your coleus plants outdoors, you will go wild for them when they are grown indoors. Properly potted and cared for, coleus makes a beautiful addition to your houseplants. This article will show you what to do.

Plectranthus scutellarioides, ‘Kong’ Coleus ‘Kong Rose’. Source: Shotaku. The “Kong” series of cultivars are plants with bicolored or tricolored leaves. Typically edged in green, the leaves graduate into shades of red, maroon, or pink towards the center.Kong coleus Solenostemon scutellarioides "Kong Series" is a group of shade-loving plants with leaves large enough to cover a human face. Mostly grown outdoors as an annual plant or indoors as a potted plant, Kong coleus can survive winter outdoors in U.S. Department of.30 Types begonia flower seeds Rare Fower Seeds for Garden Home & Garden Flores indoor Plants Coleus cultivars-One of the five summer annuals with colorful foliage featured at In the Garden with Mariani Landscape. coleus: annual, part shade to full shade, annual this is coleus.Coleus Plant Care Coleus plants are very popular for container gardening and hanging baskets both outdoors, or as indoor houseplants. They also look great planted directly in the garden in groups, or as borders.What attracts most of us to Coleus is not it's flower, but the colorful leaves.

See how RHS can give expert advice on growing, feeding, pruning and propagating plants. Find specific plants with our Plant Finder & Plant Selector. Houseplants That Filter the Air We Breathe Coleus Sampler Sampler of last year's coleus leaves. I've been cleaning chaff from my coleus seed harvest, dreaming of next year's new plants. When I'm finished the tedious task, I'll place the seeds in the refri. Coleus. Coleus Plants for Sale - Large Selection of Brightly Colored Varieties - Satisfaction Guaranteed - FREE Shipping - Buy NOW - The best flowers start here! Il genere Coleus appartiene alla famiglia delle Lamiceae e comprende più di 150 specie. Dal loro aspetto alcune specie ricordano la menta e l'ortica, anche loro appartenenti alla famiglia delle Lamiaceae, pur non avendo le caratteristiche di quei generi. 21/09/2017 · Coleus Solenostemon scutellarioides is one of the easiest summer plants to grow. While it is considered a tender perennial, most gardeners treat coleus as an annual. Coleus is tough, somewhat drought tolerant and grows in most soils. The "Kong Rose" is.

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